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Research Reports

Title Authors Publication Date
Toto, I Don't Think We're in Kansas anymore": Entering the Land of Pulbic Disagreement in Learning to Teach. Pfeiffer, L. & Featherstone, H. 199703March 1997
Stalking the Schoolwork Module: Teaching Prospective Teachers to Write Historical Narratives McDiarmid, G. W. & Vinten-Johansen, P. 199702February 1997
Making Peace With Ambiguity: The Symbiotic Interaction Between Prospective Teachers' Subject Matter Knowledge and Intellectual Development. Holt-Reynolds, D. 199701January 1997
Teacher Learning in the Context of the SDP - What Are the Opportunities? What is the Context? Neufeld, Barbara 199508August 1995
Searching Literature for Moral Guidance : The Development of a Prospective English Teacher Malenka, Margaret M. 199507July 1995
Prospective Teachers Beliefs and Teacher Education Pedagogy Anderson, Linda M. and Diane Holt-Reynolds 199506June 1995
Supporting Teachers' Understanding of Educational Research in a Master's Level Research Course Tiezzi, Linda J. and John S. Zeuli 199505May 1995
Teacher Education for Cultural Diversity: Enhancing the Capacity of Teacher Education Institutions to Address Diversity Issues Melnick, Susan L. and Kenneth M. Zeichner 199504April 1995
Resources for Reform: District Administrators and the Case of Mathematics. Price, J. N., Ball, D. L., & Luks, S. Marshaling 199502February 1995
Expanding the Equation: Learning Mathematics Through Teaching in New Ways. Featherstone, H., Smith, S. P., Beasley, K., Corbin, D., & Shank, C 199501January 1995
How three prospective teachers construed three cases of teaching. Anderson, L. M., & Bird, T. 199403March 1994
Public knowing and private understanding: Two views of reading and teaching literature. Malenka, M. M., & Smith, S. P. 199402February 1994
How do prospective teachers think about literature and the teaching of literature? Holt-Reynolds, D., & McDiarmid, G. W. 199401January 1994
How do prospective teachers think about literature and the teaching of literature? McCarthey, S. J. 199304April 1993
Risks and opportunities of writing from personal experience McCarthey, S. J. 199303March 1993
Learning in good company: Report on a pilot study. Featherstone, H., Pfeiffer, L., & Smith, S. P. 199302February 1993
Creating contexts to change teachers' beliefs about the influence of research. Zeuli, J. S., & Tiezzi, L. J. 199301January 1993
Are mentor teachers teacher educators? Feiman-Nemser, S., Parker, M. B., & Zeichner, K. 199211November 1992
Los Angeles mentors: Local guides or educational companions? Feiman-Nemser, S., & Parker, M. B. 199210October 1992
Teachers' evaluations of student work Mead, J. V. 199209September 1992
Pedagogical balancing acts: A teacher educator encounters problems in an attempt to influence prospective teachers' beliefs. Bird, T., Anderson, L. M., Sullivan, B. A., & Swidler, S. A 199208August 1992
Creating a flexible and responsive learning environment for general mathematics students. Kirsner, S. A., & Bethell, S. 199207July 1992
How do teachers understand research when they read it? Zeuli, J. 199206June 1992
Will teachers say what we want to hear? Dilemmas of teacher voice. Navarro, J. J. 199205May 1992
Looking at old photographs: Investigating the teacher tales that novice teachers bring with them. Mead, J. V. 199204April 1992
Two cases of students' internalization of dialogue from writing time. McCarthey, S. J. 199103March 1992
Teachers' changing conceptions of writing instruction. McCarthey, S. J. 199203March 1992
Changing visions and changing practices: Patchworks in learning to teach mathematics for understanding. Wilson, S. M., & Ball, D. L. 199102February 1992
The influence of classroom discourse on student texts: The case of Ella. McCarthey, S. J. 199202February 1992
The role of a learning community in changing preservice teachers' knowledge and beliefs about mathematics education. Wilcox, S. K., Schram, P., Lappan, G., & Lanier, P. 199101January 1992
Influencing beginning teachers' practice in mathematics education: Confronting constraints of knowledge, beliefs, and context. Wilcox, S. K., Lanier, P., Schram, P., & Lappan, G. 199201January 1992
Teaching writing with a new instructional model: Variations in teachers' beliefs, instructional practice, and their students' performance. Anderson, L. M., Raphael, T. E., Englert, C. S., & Stevens, D. D. 199107July 1991
Helping novices learn to teach: Lessons from an experienced support teacher. Feiman-Nemser, S. 199106June 1991
Practicing what we teach. Holt-Reynolds, D. 199105May 1991
The dialogues of teacher education: Entering and influencing preservice teachers' internal conversations. Holt-Reynolds, D. 199104April 1991

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