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Special Reports

Title Authors Publication Date
Realizing new learning for all students: A framework for the professional development of Kentucky teachers McDiarmid, G. W. 199507April 1995
The teaching and learning of history-From the inside out. McDiarmid, G. W., & Vinten-Johansen 199311November 1995
Educating teachers for cultural diversity. Zeichner, K. M. 199302February 1993
Teacher education and the case idea. Sykes, G., & Bird, T. 199208August 1992
Learning from the first years of classroom teaching: The journey in, the journey out. Featherstone, H. 199207July 1992
Mentoring in Context: A Comparison of Two U.S. Programs for Beginning Teachers Feiman-Nemser, Sharon, and Michelle B. Parker 199205May 1992
Findings from the Teacher Education and Learning to Teach study: Final report, the National Center for Research on Teacher Education. NCRTL 199106July 1991
An Agenda for Research on Teacher Learning. Kennedy, Mary M 199105May 1991

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