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Master's Programs

Graduate programs in the Michigan State University College of Education foster the insights and skills needed to deal with the most pressing challenges facing the education profession. They also are among the most highly regarded by professors and educational leaders throughout the nation. Outstanding faculty members construct rigorous coursework and field experiences for graduate students and engage in millions of dollars of funded research. The college is committed to addressing real problems in practice and contributing to policy development and analysis.

Advance to your New Role

Master’s programs generally prepare graduates for advancements or new roles within their respective fields as practitioners. For educators, the M.A. generally provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to obtain leadership positions in schools or to add endorsements to certificates. Many programs, including the M.S. in Kinesiology, also help students develop methods of inquiry and can lead to careers in research.

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Master's Programs List

Graduate Specializations and Certificates

Graduate specializations and certificates are non-degree-granting programs that provide students with a focused curriculum or set of courses to expand knowledge and understanding about a key topic. See the full list of Graduate Specializations and Certificates offered by the MSU College of Education.