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Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology & Special Education

Counseling, Educational Psychology & Special Education

CEPSE Staff Directory

Administrative Staff

Name Title Phone/Email Room Number
Joni Smith Secretary to the Chairperson 432-4647
Rm. 447
Janice Benjamin Business Manager 353-0637
Rm. 446
Ayodele Webb Department Manager; Staff Supervision; Curriculum Administrator


Rm. 448

CEPSE Program & Admissions Secretary

Name Title Phone/email Room Number
Missy Davis Graduate Special Ed Program Secretary 355-1837
Rm. 335
Ayodele Webb Graduate Program Admissions 355-6683
Rm. 447
Maria Serrato Education Technology Secretary


Rm. 513
Ethel Oberlander School Psychology Secretary 432-0843
Rm. 435
Adam Rafalski Rehabilitation Counseling & MQM Program Secretary 355-1838

Rm. 455

Dawn Therrian-Taylor Undergrad Special Ed Program Secretary 353-1842
Rm. 335

CEPSE Accounting Staff

Name Title Phone/email Room Number
Amy Pollok Dept Accts, Appointment Forms 353-7863
Rm. 444
Kelly Miller Accounts, Equipment 353-3216
Rm. 435
Adam Rafalski Accounts, Supplies 353-9272

Rm. 447


Programs & Degrees Offered in CEPSE

Ph.D MA Eds Certificate
EPET (Educ Psy & Educ Tech) Ed Tech   Educational Technology; Online Teaching and Learning
MQM (Measurement & Quantitative Methods)      
Rehabilitation Counseling Rehabilitation Counseling    
School Psychology   School Psychology


Special Education Special Education  

Board Certified Behavior Analysis (BCBA)