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I teach graduate students in the School Psychology program at Michigan State University, having started as an Assistant Professor in 2008. Our talented faculty includes Evelyn Oka, John Carlson, Sara Bolt, and Jana Aupperlee. The program has a long history of training outstanding students who practice as school psychologists, as well as those who go on to academic positions in excellent universities.

My specialties include educational and neuropsychological assessment and the biological bases of learning and behavior. I am particularly interested in individual child characteristics that emerge as a function of genetic and environmental interaction.

CEP 880. Cognitive Assessment. Students in this class learn how to administer and interpret standardized measures of cognitive functioning. Emphasis is on developing hypotheses, conducting thorough interviews, testing hypotheses by observing behaviors, and providing appropriate and therapeutic feedback to parents and teachers.

CEP 972. Neurobiological Bases of Learning and Behavior. In this class, students learn about the structure, function, and development of the brain. Neuroanatomy, from neuronal birth to current knowledge regarding the curcuits serving language, memory, emotion, sensory and learning are discussed from a develpmental perspective. Students are exposed to cases illustrating how irregular brain devevelopment can cause differences in learning and behavior.

CEP 973. Child Neuropsychological Assessment. Advanced individual assessment based on the flexible-battery Boston Process style is taught to third- and fourth-year doctoral students. Students learn interviewing, hypothesis-testing, examination and therapeutic feedback techniques. The class is a seminar/practicum where students conduct a neuropsychological assessment under supervision.

CEP 963. Ethics in Counselling and School Psychology. Developing a sound process for recognizing and resolving ethical dilemmas encountered in the practice of psychology is the focus of this class. Students are encouraged to engage in self-exploration, discovering innate perspectives and motivations that may influence decision-making without conscious understanding. How to find and utilize the codes, laws and standards meant to provide guidance in the practice of psychology are explored.

CEP 993K. Fourth-year Practicum. This class is for fourth-year school psychology students who are engaging in an off-site practicum. The class provides supervisitory time for the students and additionally includes a focus on learning how to provide supervision to others.