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mapping as a recurrent theme
I took my undergraduate degree at the University of California, Berkeley in the 1970s. At that time, I was interested in geologic mapping. The sort of question that interested me was, "Why is there a mountain instead of a valley there?" After graduating, I worked as a cartographer for a geotechnical engineering firm. After a few years, I started a computer software company to build a program to automate the presentation of Superfund site borehole data. Our product, GTGS, was used all over the nation and internationally for about 12 years.

In my mid 30s, I decided to become a school psychologist. During my training, I got interested in questions like, "Why can this child read and this one not?" which soon led me straight to the brain. After working for a short time as a school psychologist, I went back to school to start mapping the human brain, with a special focus on dyslexia and social competence.

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