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Forming A Guidance Committee

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Following completion of the Preliminary Examination (described in Section V), students form a guidance committee, and upload this information into GradPlan to the Department of CEPSE.  The purpose of the guidance committee is to assist the student in formulating a plan of study that meets degree requirements, while fulfilling the professional needs of the individual student.  The guidance committee is typically composed of four faculty members, at least one of whom is from a program other than MQM. In consultation with each guidance committee member, the student formulates a plan of study. The plan of study is approved at a meeting of the guidance committee during which students describe how their interests, previous experiences, and professional goals relate to the courses included in the plan. Members of the guidance committee will electronically sign Gradplan, approving the plan of study, which is submitted to the department. That Plan becomes the formal requirements for completing the program and any changes must be electronically routed to and approved by the Guidance Committee.   

The student, in consultation with his/her advisor, will select the four members of the Guidance Committee.  The advisor serves as Chairperson, with the second and third members of the Committee usually selected from the faculty in MQM or CEPSE.  The fourth member must be from outside the MQM program and can be from the faculty outside of the College of Education. Occasionally additional members with special expertise in the student's area of scholarly interest are added.  Those members may come from any part of the academic or professional community, but only MSU regular faculty have voting rights on the Committee. At least three members of the Committee must be present at all meetings; the absent member(s) may offer written input.

As a student progresses toward the dissertation, changes in the composition of the Guidance Committee may be appropriate to better meet the student's advising and research needs.  Members may be added or deleted (always adhering to a minimum of four members from the specified faculty areas), and a member other than the Guidance Committee Chairperson may be specified as Dissertation Director with the approval of the Guidance Committee Chair. 

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