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Advising Policies

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The MQM faculty is committed to establishing advising relationships that will support, challenge, and contribute to the professional development of its students.   Each new student will be assigned, as a temporary advisor, an MQM faculty member with whom they may share common interests.  During the first year, students are encouraged to become familiar with Program faculty members, and select a permanent advisor by Spring semester. Once a permanent advisor has been selected, a student may switch advisors with the consent of the Department Chair, and both advising faculty members. 
Advisors will make every effort to be available and responsive to the needs of students. It is equally important that students take initiative in establishing frequent contact with their advisors, and in requesting assistance as needed. Students should consult their advisors at all major decision points, including:

  • prior to registering each term,
  • preparing for the annual self-assessment,
  • drafting the plan of study,
  • preparing for comprehensive examinations,
  • pursuing a dissertation.  

Students are responsible for maintaining close communication so that the advisor can carry out his or her roles as consultant, advocate, mentor, and monitor of the graduate experience.

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