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In addition to a student’s advisor and the MQM faculty, several programs and mechanisms have been created to assist students in learning about and progressing through the program. These include the student peer mentors, Program orientation, the MQM web page, MQM seminar series, and the Program and College of Education graduate student listservs. In addition, participation in the broader community of quantitative methods can be initiated and maintained through affiliations with professional organizations such as the American Educational Research Association (Division D), National Council on Measurement and Education, the American Psychological Association, the American Sociological Association, and the American Statistical Association. We strongly encourage students to join these professional organizations. 

A. Program Orientation

Within the first month of the fall semester, the MQM Program hosts an orientation to be attended by all incoming students and selected advanced students. Topics covered include Program requirements, typical timelines, specialization options, and common questions of entering students. 

B. MQM Program Web Page

The MQM Program web page ( includes a wealth of information related to the program, students, faculty, forms, applications, procedures, admissions, program requirements, links to the home pages and e-mail accounts of faculty, staff, and students, and many other helpful resources. Contact the Program Director with any suggestions for changes or additions to the Program web site.

C. Listserv

The MQM listserv was created as an electronic medium to communicate information among students, faculty, and staff of the MQM Program. Typical messages include meeting or colloquia announcements, job postings, and a variety of other information to inform students, faculty and staff of programmatic and professional issues. New students are automatically subscribed to the MQM and College of Education listservs. To send a message to the listserv, use the following e-mail address: .

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