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About the Center

The MSU College of Education Center for the Scholarship of Teaching is designed to have local and practical impact, as well as contribute to the national dialogue about the scholarship of teaching. Four purposes stand out as central in fulfilling this mission. They are:

  • To engage in a set of activities meant to provide insight into how to improve teaching in the broader MSU community - including the College of Education, a handful of departments across the university, and in some local K-12 schools.
  • To work toward establishing rigorous and alternative means for faculty review and promotion.
  • To create more cross-college communication, in order to engender teachers who are more knowledgeable in their subject areas, as well as the broader role they play in our society.
  • To contribute to the national discourse concerning a scholarship of teaching - what is might look like, how it might be represented, disseminated and built upon.

History of the Center

The Center for the Scholarship of Teaching was created by the MSU College of Education. From its inception, the Center sought to find ways to support a community of scholars who wanted to study teaching practice and student learning, and the student learning that comes from that practice. In the following video clips, MSU College of Education Dean Carole Ames talks with participants at the Opening Conference of the CST-MSU about the early stages of the Center for the Scholarship of Teaching, its purposes and possibilities. (You will need Quicktime in order to view these clips. For a transcript of these video clips, click here.)

MSU College of Education Dean Carole Ames "Beginning the center"

MSU College of Education Dean Carole Ames "Purposes and possibilities for the center"


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