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Marianne Amarel Endowment

Who was Marianne Amarel and what is her connection to MSU?

The Marianne Amarel Memorial Lecture series was established in 1989 by Michigan State, the Holmes Group, and family, friends, and colleagues of Marianne Amarel. Marianne was an educator and scholar who advocated the teacher's role in the creation of knowledge and the construction of curriculum. She was an officer of AERA, a member of the national advisory board of the Institute for Research on Teaching, a senior researcher with the National Center for Research on Teacher Education. She participated in the creation of the Holmes Group, serving as liaison to the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Her papers are archived at MSU. To learn more about these archived papers, click here.

What is the Marianne Amarel Memorial Lecture series?

The series has two parts - a visit to MSU, usually (but not always) in the spring, and a lecture at the national meeting of the Holmes group, usually in Washington in January. The speakers, selected by an advisory board of people who knew Marianne, are chosen because their work relates to important themes in her life and work. Lee Shulman was the inaugural lecturer, followed the second year by Deborah Meier.

Past Marianne Amarel Memorial Lecture Series speakers:

Eleanor Duckworth (2000)
Professor of Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Patricia Carini (1995)
Founder, Prospect School and Prospect Archives
Deborah Meier (1993)
Author, The Power of Their Ideas and Will Standards Save Public Education?
Lee Shulman (1991)
President, The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching


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