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The Marianne Amarel archive, now permanently housed in the CST office on the second floor of Erickson Hall, is a collection of Marianne Amarel’s work, including memos, correspondence with researchers and educators, reports, scholarly papers, course materials, and notes from meetings. Amarel’s work is of historical interest and also remains timely for contemporary scholarship of teaching. The collection spans 1958 to 1988 and reflects Marianne’s deep interest in the relationship between teaching and learning as viewed from the classroom. Her contributions to research include the development of case study methods that yielded rich descriptions of early literacy published in book form in the first edition of Inquiry into Meaning: An Investigation of Learning to Read (Chittenden, Bussis, and Amarel, 1985). In addition to this landmark work on literacy, Amarel conducted classroom studies investigating educational reforms of the last several decades such as open education, teacher centers, and computer based instructional systems (PLATO).

Throughout her career, especially as an AERA officer and member of numerous prestigious committees and panels, Marianne’s memos, reports, papers, and speeches addressed a variety of educational issues (e.g., the early standards movement, curriculum design, and teacher preparation) with an eye to the classroom that is particularly salient today. Also included in the collection are manuscripts on teaching, teacher knowledge, and teacher learning that Amarel co-authored with leading scholars in education including Sharon Feiman-Nemser, Gary Fenstermacher, Thomas Good, and Maxine Greene. In addition, Marianne’s archived correspondence with present and former MSU faculty members and her notes on the work of the Holmes Group bring to light Amarel’s strong ties to the MSU teacher education community.

The Amarel archive is in the final stage of cataloguing and an electronic database of the holdings is almost completed. The electronic database will allow easier access for scholars wishing to draw on Marianne’s work. When completed, the electronic database will be accessed through the Center for the Scholarship of Teaching website. Instructions for procurement of materials from the archive will be posted on the website as well.

Please contact Connie Orr for more information.

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