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Approaches to the Scholarship of Teaching:

Resources for studying your own teaching

Whether you are a teacher-researcher, instructor of an action research course, or someone who would like to read practitioner research more critically, this website provides an introduction to resources to help you consider the potential of teacher research as a form of professional development and scholarship.

Teacher research is an umbrella term that includes a variety of activities in which teachers systematically study their own practice and classroom communities. One example of this type of work is action research, a practice in which teacher-researchers frame questions related to their classrooms, collect data to explore and analyze those questions, and draw conclusions to share with others. Often this work involves collaboration with others and involves critical self-reflection.

The particular methods that teachers employ as they research their classrooms vary according to the types of questions they ask, the classroom context, and how they hope to share their findings. While many of the resources on this site are centered on action research, you will also find examples of other inquiry-based and reflective teaching and learning practices such as self-study, lesson study, and the “funds of knowledge” approach to teacher ethnography.

Resources on this site include:

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