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George Hillocks (University of Chicago)
The Challenge of Preparing Teachers for 21st Century Schools: Inadequacy of the Standards Methods Course
September 9, 2002

For nearly forty years, George Hillocks, Jr., University of Chicago Professor of Education and English Language, has dedicated his career and research to the teaching of writing. He has written over forty scholarly articles and five books, including Teaching Writing as Reflective Practice (1995), where he extends Schon's work on reflective practice and integrates the use of the Toulmin model of argument into inquiry-based writing curricula. In his most recent book, The Testing Trap: How State Writing Assessments Control Learning (2002), Dr. Hillocks examines how various state writing assessments, such as those developed and used in Texas and New York, shape the teaching and learning of writing. Given the current national trend toward increased accountability, Hillocks' call for "needed change" on these issues seems timely. Dr. Hillocks has headed the Master of Arts in Teaching/English program at the University of Chicago for 27 years. He currently serves as advisor to the MAT program and the graduate program in English Education.

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