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S. Georgia Nugent (Kenyon College)
Teaching with Technology: Providing Utilities and Performing Magic
April 18, 2002

Dr. Nugent's talk dealt with the choices university campuses need to make in their utilization of academic information technology, ranging from basic course management systems to the creation of much more sophisticated (and resource-intensive) online teaching materials.

Dr. S. Georgia Nugent was appointed the first Dean of the Harold McGraw, Jr. Center for Teaching and Learning. As former Associate Provost, Professor Nugent oversaw the planning process for the McGraw Center which provides Princeton faculty and students with a "tangible home for the conversations, research and experimentation that contribute to great teaching and successful learning." The goals Nugent describes for McGraw Center parallel many of our own at the Center for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: "In addition to providing information, consultation and opportunities for discussion with colleagues and peers, she believes the center should examine issues such as the optimal deployment of electronic technologies in teaching, the appropriate balance between traditional content-centered pedagogical strategies and contemporary interest in learner-centered strategies, and the identification of meaningful methods of assessment that contribute to learning." (Princeton Weekly Bulletin, 10/08/01)

A highly regarded scholar of the classics, Dr. Nugent has received numerous teaching awards at Brown and Princeton Universities. In addition to teaching freshman seminars including the History of American Higher Education and War and Narrative at Princeton, she also teaches seminars for middle and high school teachers through Princeton's Teachers as Scholars Program of the Teacher Preparation Program. Professor Nugent has also helped develop important initiatives in online learning at Princeton through her association with Princeton's Educational Technologies Center.

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