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Sherry Lee Linkon (Youngstown State University)
Still Working On It: Faculty Work, Scholarly Teaching, and Scholarship of Teaching and Learning”
April 1, 2004


Sherry Lee Linkon is a professor of English, Coordinator of American Studies, and Co-Director of the Center for Working-Class Studies at YSU. Her research interests include women in nineteenth-century America, Jewish-American women writers, popular culture, working-class studies, and students’ learning in interdisciplinary courses. She was named a Carnegie Scholar in 1999 and has twice received the Distinguished Professor Award for Scholarship from YSU. In 2003, she was named Ohio Professor of the Year. Her book Teaching Working Class (University of Massachusetts, 1999) was named one of the ten best academic books of the 1990s by the readers of Lingua Franca magazine. Along with John Russo, she published a book about work and community in Youngstown, Steeltown USA: Work and Memory in Youngstown (University Press of Kansas, 2002) and has edited a forthcoming collection, New Working-Class Studies (Cornell UP, 2004).

Abstract of presentation

This presentation will explore the opportunities that scholarly teaching and scholarship of teaching and learning offer to faculty, and it will consider the challenges we face in fitting such work into our professional lives, both as individuals and as a profession. How can faculty benefit from these more critical, “academic” approaches to teaching? And how can we ensure that such work enhances not only our students’ learning but also our own professional lives.

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