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Dr. Nancy Simpson (Texas A&M University)
What Does It Mean to Practice the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning?
The Reflective Practice of a Mathematics Professor

November 18, 2004

In this presentation Dr. Simpson will speak to three issues: First, she will describe the evolution of her teaching practice over the past decade using the stories of particular students to illustrate. Second, she will point to particular research findings that have informed her teaching practice. Finally, she will measure her own progress as a scholar of teaching and learning against the standards and qualities set forth in Scholarship Assessed.

Dr. Nancy Simpson is Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence at Texas A&M University. She has over fifteen years of experience in teaching college mathematics and has worked in the field of faculty development since 1991. In addition to extensive experience in working with faculty at TAMU to improve teaching, Dr. Simpson has worked with national faculty development initiatives including the Wakonse Foundation’s Conference on College Teaching and the Pew-Funded Peer Review of Teaching Project. Dr. Simpson’s published work includes The teaching experiences of African-American faculty: A case study of two predominantly white research universities; Teaching large mathematics classes: Meeting and mastering the challenge and Teaching portfolios at Texas A&M University: Lessons from a decade of practice. A New Directions in Teaching and Learning chapter on alternative methods of assessment in mathematics classes is forthcoming. Dr. Simpson is currently the PI on an NSF-funded project, Writing for Assessment and Learning in the Natural and Mathematical .

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