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Pam Grossman (Stanford University)  
Anna Ershler Richert
(Mills College)
Using Multi-Media Records of K-12 Practice as Teacher Education "Texts"
September 14,  2006

In this presentation Pam and Anna will explore the use of web-based, multi-media representations of practice in teacher education. Both are affiliated with the Quest project, of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Quest has been actively developing web-based cases of teaching for use in teacher education (see http://www.carnegiefoundation.org/programs/index.aspkey=34). Over the past several years, Pam and Anna have been looking at how teacher educators use these representations of K-12 practice in their teaching, and how both their assignments and the nature of materials focus novice's attention on particular aspects of the work. They will introduce the overall project and explore more deeply the uses of these materials in our different teacher education settings. In addition, they will discuss how they have documented their own practice and created web pages that describe this particular teacher education strategy in their classes. Pam and Anna's documentation work has has provided them new ways to think about their students' learning, which they will explore in this presentation as well.

The Speakers:

Anna Ershler Richert of Mills College, currently teaches pre-service and Master's level students of education. She teaches courses on inquiry, on issues surrounding the teaching of teaching diverse learners, and adolescent development. Dr. Richert is professionally interested in teacher learning and school reform, teacher knowledge, professional education/development, teacher research. She has published on these topics as well as specifically about developing a stance of inquiry and reflection as a teacher.

Pam Grossman is a professor in the School of Education at Stanford University. Her research interests include teacher education, teacher knowledge, the teaching of English in secondary schools, and the teaching of practice in professional education. Her current research includes a study of pathways into teaching in New York City schools and a cross-professional study of the preparation of clergy, teachers, and clinical psychologists. She teaches prospective secondary English teachers in the Stanford Teacher Education Program, as well as courses on the pedagogy of teacher education. She has been engaged with the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching in a project exploring the use of multi-media representations of teaching in teacher education.

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