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Dr. William Gaudelli
Why not global education? Moving global education into place, towards intimacy, and with beauty
Thursday, November 15, 2007

Global education, for all of its promise as curriculum for the 21st Century, has generally failed to inspire wide adoption and robust commitment. Why? In this paper I argue that global education’s emphases on universal and rational presumptions has undermined a needed emphasis on particularities of place, bindings of relationships, and desires for beauty. Emphasizing these values, not in place of universal and rational tendencies but in concert with them, may help to recenter global education in a way that is approachable and inspiring to a wide audience of educators and students.

William Gaudelli is associate professor of social studies and education at Teachers College, Columbia University. His research areas include global education, visual media, and teacher education/development. Gaudelli received an Ed.D. from Rutgers University and has worked as a teacher educator for eight years following a decade of high school teaching. He currently serves on the executive board of Theory and Research in Social Education and has published a variety of pieces in scholarly journals, including Teaching Education, Teacher Education Quarterly, Theory and Research in Social Education, Society and Culture, and the American Journal of Psychology, along with two books, World Class: Teaching and learning in global times (Erlbaum Associates, 2003) and Social Inequality in the Global Culture (Kluwer, 2007, co-edited). Gaudelli is a frequent presenter at professional development meetings, an invited speaker at a variety of national and international conferences, and has guest lectured in The Netherlands.

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The Partnership to Prepare Global and International Educators (P-GLIE)
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