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Approaches to the Scholarship of Teaching:

On-Line Resources and Links
Links to related websites, on-line journals, and teacher research communities.

  • Comprehensive sites
  • Reading and publishing action research
  • On-line communities
  • Professional organizations

Comprehensive sites

  1. ActionResearch.net (http://www.bath.ac.uk/~edsajw/)

    This site is organized by Jack Whitehead at the University of Bath and focuses on “living educational theory of action research.”

Resources on this site include: articles on the theory and practice of action research, links to other action research sites, and information and examples of undergraduate, master-level, and doctoral-level action research projects.

  1. American Educational Research Association (AERA): Action Research Special Interest Group http://coe.westga.edu/arsig/

    The mission of the Action Research SIG of AERA is to “encourage and actively assist educational practitioners to develop their skills in applied research and educational inquiry in order to improve educational decision making at all levels.”

    Resources on this site include: a mission statement and information about the SIG, a listserve for action research practitioners, links to e-journals and other action research sites, and access to the group’s newsletters.
  2. American Educational Research Association (AERA): Self-Study Special Interest Group http://www.ku.edu/%7Esstep/

    The mission of the Self-Study Special Interest Group of AERA is to “act as a forum for educators who work in a wide variety of settings and who are seeking to make substantial contributions related to the theory and practice of teacher education, self-study research design/practice, and the professional development of teacher educators.”

    Resources on this site include: a link to the group’s journal, “Studying Teacher Education”; information regarding the annual Castle Conference; access to newsletters, and space to post projects and exhibits.
  3. American Educational Research Association (AERA): Teacher as Researcher Special Interest Group http://www.teacherasresearcher.org/

    “The AERA Teacher as Researcher SIG is dedicated to supporting research done in schools by PreK-12 practitioners on their own practice. While this work can be conducted in collaboration with other researchers, it should reflect equity of initiation, data collection, analysis and presentation, with teachers sharing primary credit and responsibility. We are the only special interest group whose core purpose is the articulation and representation of classroom teachers' perspectives by the classroom teachers themselves.”

    Resources on this site include: calls for proposals, information on funding, and information on upcoming AERA conferences.
  4. AR Expeditions: Action Research Journal http://arexpeditions.montana.edu/index.php 

    “AREXPEDITIONS is an on-line professional journal…that includes articles describing action research projects as well as strategies for conducting action research. The journal hosts an on-line continuous dialogue about issues in action research and discussions of articles with the authors and editors of the journal.”

    Resources on this site include: AR articles with access to the editorial feedback given to the authors, book reviews, discussion boards, guidelines for submission, and links to related sites.
  5. Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education http://www.carnegiefoundation.org/programs/index.asp?key=21  

    “The CASTL Program seeks to support the development of a scholarship of teaching and learning that: fosters significant, long-lasting learning for all students; enhances the practice and profession of teaching, and; brings to faculty members' work as teachers the recognition and reward afforded to other forms of scholarly work.”

    Resources on this site include: “The Gallery of Teaching and Learning”, an on-line archive of web pages that document teaching and teacher learning; links to pages targeted to undergraduate, graduate and professional, K-12+ teachers; and links to related publications.
  6. Educational Action Research: http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/titles/09650792.asp 

    “Educational Action Research is a fully refereed international journal concerned with exploring the dialogue between research and practice in educational settings… This journal publishes accounts of a range of action research and related studies, in education and across the professions, with the aim of making their outcomes widely available and exemplifying the variety of possible styles of reporting. It aims to establish and maintain a review of the literature of action research. It also provides a forum for dialogue on the methodological and epistemological issues, enabling different approaches to be subjected to critical reflection and analysis.”

    Resources on this site include: the “aims and scopes” of the journal, instructions for authors, and free access to a sample journal.
  7. Highland Park High School Action Research Lab http://www.dist113.org/hphs/action/table_of_contents.htm

    The Action Research Laboratory at Highland Park High School is a professional development project which supports high school teachers in conducting collaborative action research.

    Resources on this site include: action research reports that outline the process and findings of collaborative teams and articles on the philosophy and practice of action research.
  8. League of Teacher Researchers http://lynx.csusm.edu/ltr/

    “The League of Teacher Researchers is a virtual organization dedicated to making accessible voices, perspectives and knowledge generated by teacher researchers.”

    Resources on this site include: An archive of studies written by teachers, and forums to post “events and announcements” and “resources and connections”.
  9. Madison WI Classroom Action Research http://www.madison.k12.wi.us/sod/car/carhomepage.html

    The Madison Metropolitan School District’s website is designed to introduce teachers to the concept and practice of action research.

    Resources on this site include: a framework for conducting a year-long action research project, reports on the impacts of action research on teaching and learning, and classroom action research papers and selected papers.
  10. Networks: An On-line Journal for Teacher Research

    The goal of this on-line journal is to be a “forum for teachers’ voices”. The journal publishes articles, book reviews, and keeps a calendar of events and conferences related to action research.
  11. The Ontario Action Researcher http://www.nipissingu.ca/oar/

    “The Ontario Action Researcher is a freely accessible, full-text, peer-reviewed electronic journal intended for elementary, secondary, and university teachers who are concerned with exploring the unity between educational research and practice.”

    Resources on this site include: articles, a discussion forum, guidelines for submission, and related links.
  12. Reflective Practice http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/carfax/14623943.html

    “Reflective Practice” is a refereed journal which publishes a range of articles on how reflective practice impacts professional life and the production of knowledge. Although the scope of the journal is broader than the field of education, articles on teaching and learning in the K-12 and university setting are well represented.
  13. Studying Teacher Education http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/titles/17425964.asp

    “Studying Teacher Education is an internationally refereed journal that welcomes papers from authors who have an interest in research and practice in teaching and teacher education.” The journal publishes research on: self-study, “the knowledge base of teaching and teaching about teaching”, teacher education, and professional development.

    Resources on this site include: the “aims and scopes” of the journal, instructions for authors, and free access to a sample journal.
  14. Teacher Research: George Mason University http://www.gse.gmu.edu/research/tr/TRdefinition.shtml

    This comprehensive site is hosted by the graduate school at George Mason University. The site is organized around the following categories: teacher research as a practice, research on teacher research, current issues in teacher research, glossary, and related links.

    Resources on this site include: examples of projects organized by subject area and/or focus, information on starting a teacher research group, information on funding sources, bibliography, and information on conferences.

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