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Teaching Awards

The Excellence in Teaching Awards in the College of Education at Michigan State University are given annually to up to four faculty ($2000) and up to four doctoral students ($1000) who have demonstrated that their teaching and advising practices are thoughtful and effective. 

The Award was established for several reasons. First, because the College of Education at Michigan State University is committed to high quality teaching -- both by doctoral students and faculty -- the Award serves as a public reminder of that commitment. Second, the materials submitted by nominees will help the entire COE begin to rethink what materials and criteria should be used for annual review and promotion decisions for all faculty in all units. Third, the COE is committed to the dissemination of innovative teaching practices and materials, and the Award will serve as a venue for that dissemination. Each year, an annual exhibition takes place, open to the public, at which Award winners present their materials for interested faculty and students across the University. 


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