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The Janet L. and David F. Ronk Sr. Endowed Scholarship in Teacher Education

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Selection Criteria

Recipients shall be admitted students in elementary education who have the intent and desire to teach grades K-3, and are preparing to complete their fifth year student teaching internship.

Biographical Information

This endowed scholarship is given by Janet and David Ronk, Sr. in grateful appreciation to Michigan State University for the enrichment it has provided throughout their life times, and to support the education of future teachers.  Janet was born in East Lansing and lived on South Harrison Road.  David moved to East Lansing when he was 3 years old and lived one block north of MSC.  The Campus was their playground, and provided them with ball fields, ice skating ponds, free sporting events and summer jobs.  Their lives have been deeply enriched through their continual involvement with MSU.

Janet received her BA and MA in Child Development and Teaching and continued to teach at MSU both in the College of Human Ecology and the College of Education.  She was always involved in teaching teachers, in Michigan as well as internationally, and retired from the College of Education.  David retired as Public Service Director for the City of East Lansing, and in his retirement years was Operations Coordinator for the Michigan Festival, held on the MSU Campus.  From their earliest memories to their later years they have always known that “MSU, we love thy shadows.”

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