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Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning


To fulfill the requirements of this Graduate Certificate, students must complete a total of nine credit hours which is equivalent to three courses.  All students are required to take EAD 861: Adult Learning, leaving them the option of selecting two courses from the remaining six available.  All courses in the Certificate curriculum, with the exception of EAD 871, are administered through MSU’s on-line course management system.


Courses offerings (click on the title of each course to view its course description)

Students are typically allowed to share up to 9 credits between graduate programs. Transfer credits must gain approval through the College and the student's academic advisor. Only courses in which at least a 3.0 grade or its equivalent was received will be considered for transfer.

Please note, the Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning program does not meet any licensure or professional certification requirements. 



Anticipated Course Offerings Schedule*


In the table below, an "X" indicates it is anticipated that the course will be offered in the respective semester.










EAD 860: Concept of a Learning Society X X X X
EAD 861: Adult Education X   X X
EAD 863: Training & Professional Development   X X  
EAD 866: Teaching in Postsecondary Education X     X
EAD 871: Collegiate Contexts of Teaching and Learning X     X
EAD 877: Program Planning & Evaluation X     X
EAD 878/882: Education in the Digital Age     X  

*This schedule is subject to modification and the most accurate information regarding course offerings in a particular semester can be found on the University's Schedule of Courses webpage.