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The SAA program prepares students for a wide range of student affairs administrative, teaching, and leadership positions in post-secondary education. The SAA program is part of the Higher, Adult, & Lifelong Education unit, and therefore, the curriculum of the SAA program reflects its philosophy and goals. The SAA Learning Goals provide insight into what students can expect to gain through the SAA program. 

The SAA program is 40 credits and requires 2 practica (internship) experiences. Full-time students usually complete the degree in two years. Toward the end of their first year, students develop their program plan in conjunction with their faculty advisor.

Components of the Program Plan and Possible Courses

Major Courses (25 credit hours):

EAD 805 Administration in Higher Education
EAD 870 Foundations of Post secondary Education
EAD 871 Collegiate Contexts for Teaching and Learning
EAD 873 College Student Development
EAD 874 Introduction to Student Affairs
EAD 875 Issues and Strategies in Student Affairs
EAD 889 Research and Assessment in Student Affairs
EAD 893 Professional Development Seminar in Student Affairs
  (1 credit per semester, 4 credits required in program)

Support Courses (15 credit hours):

EAD 801 Leadership and Organizational Development
EAD 802 Building a Learning Organization
EAD 860 Concept of a Learning Society
EAD 861 Adult Learning
EAD 863 Training and Professional Development
EAD 864 Adult Career Development
EAD 866 Teaching in Post secondary Education
EAD 872 Legal Issues in Higher Education
EAD 877 Program Planning and Evaluation
EAD 876 Budgeting and Finance in Higher Education
EAD 890 Independent Study


Other courses from outside the unit may be considered in consultation with the faculty advisor. These courses should be used to build skills in areas such as academic advisement, training and development, communications and counseling, etc. Courses at the 900 level in EAD are also acceptable and encouraged.


Students are allowed to complete 3 credits at the upperdivision undergraduate level (300 or 400 level courses) with consultation of the student's academic advisor.


No more than 25% (10 credits) of credits needed for graduation can be taken for P-N (Pass- No Grade), including the four required credits of EAD 893


Certifying Examination:

The student must successfully complete a certifying examination during the semester in which the student intends to graduate. The written comprehensive exam must be completed during a semester in which the student is enrolled (for specific requirements, refer to the Academic Programs catalog available from the Office of the Registrar)