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K-12 Educational Administration

The K-12 Administration and Leadership program prepares educators for prominent leadership and policy roles in schools and educational organizations locally, nationally and internationally. Students choose from three degree programs: the master's program focused on school level leadership, the Ed.D. program targeted to system level leadership and the Ph.D. program intended for researchers and aspiring academics. The program works closely with the K-12 Outreach Center to design informative and relevant professional development for Michigan educators.

Overall, the K-12 Administration and Leadership program has been consistently ranked in the top ten over the past decade for preparation of educational leaders in the country in the US News and World Report rating of graduate programs. Participation in our degree programs provides educators with opportunities to study and collaborate with nationally recognized faculty working on critical issues in school leadership, school improvement, educational policy, international education and related areas.

Master's Program

The master's degree program is designed to build knowledge and skills for effective administrator and teacher school leadership and to link students to leading edge developments. It is approved by the Michigan Department of Education and qualifies graduates for school administrator certification and endorsements. Applicants who hold a master's degree might qualify for Certification Pathway Program.

Ed.D. Program

The Doctor of Educational Leadership, the Ed.D. program, began in Fall 2012 with the Inaugural Cohort. The tightly integrated three-year program, designed for working educational professionals, highlights practical application of knowledge and skills in effective systems, puts students in touch with state policy makers and thought leaders and supports the creation of knowledge and educational solutions through group capstone projects. Approval is currently being sought from the Michigan Department of Education for the program to qualify graduates for the Central Office Administrator certificate.

Ph.D. Program

The Doctor of K-12 Educational Administration emphasizes inquiry and scholarship in preparation for academic or research careers at highly regarded universities or research and policy centers. Most students attend full time and are supported through doctoral assistantships. Students have opportunities to network with prominent educational organizations and the Educational Policy Center, which offers students access to influential state and national policy makers.