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Financial Aid Resources

Office of Financial Aid
The Office of Financial Aid (OFA) is the main campus resource for federal and state programs for student financial aid. The staff can help students with both need-based and non-need-based aid. The office is up-to-date on all the latest state and federal regulations. You can email the office at: or call 517.353.5940. Office hours are 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Students can look up their own OFA file on StuInfo. In order to sign-on you need to enter your MSUNet ID and password.

Graduate Education Opportunity Programs (GEOP)
The Graduate Education Opportunity Programs for graduate and graduate-professional students at Michigan State University is based on a commitment to increase the enrollment of minorities and women at the graduate level. Some of the targeted funds include the Education Opportunity Fellowships (EOF), Programmatic Funding (PF), and the Academic Achievement Graduate Assistantships (AAGA). All recipients must be able to prove U.S. citizenship or permanent residency to be considered for financial support under this program. For additional information contact: Dr. Maxie C. Jackson, Jr., Assistant Dean, Graduate Education Opportunity Programs (GEOP), 116 Linton Hall, Michigan State University East Lansing, MI 48824,Telephone:(517) 353-1803,Fax: (517) 353-3355 E-mail:

Office For International Students And Scholars

Some of the awards offered are:

  • The Homer Higbee International Education Award annually recognizes one US and one international student who make significant contributions in promoting international understanding at MSU.
  • The Thoman Fellow Program: the foundation of Lansing offers a capstone learning experience for select international doctoral students at MSU who show outstanding achievements and commitment to understanding and dealing with global problems of poverty, hunger and food security.
  • The Miriam J. Kelley African Scholarship Grant Program encourages MSU African students (women are strongly urged to apply) to study at MSU and in turn make a contribution to the development of their country. This scholarship makes at least two awards of $1,000 annually.
  • A VERY LIMITED number of variable tuition awards are available to international students who are in their last semester of their degree program and have encountered an emergency financial situation. The average award is approximately $800.00.

For more information, contact the Office for International Students and Scholars, 103 International Center, Phone: 517.353.1720, Fax: 517.355.4657, Email:

Additional Graduate School Funding

  • Travel Funding - Funds from The Graduate School are available for graduate students to travel to present their research at professional conferences. These funds are not available to support dissertation research projects or course work. This funding is only for graduate students pursuing a degree program. Requests for funding to travel to international meetings will be considered jointly by The Graduate School and the Office of International Studies and Programs; therefore, you need to submit only one form to The Graduate School for consideration by both offices. Travel Funding Request Forms should be sent to: Tony Nunez, Associate Dean, 118 Linton Hall.
  • Emergency Funding - The Graduate School has limited funding available for graduate students for unusual or unforeseen emergency expenses. This funding is only for graduate students pursuing a degree program. Please be aware that emergency funds are provided on a one-time only basis. Emergency Funding Request Forms should be sent to: Tony Nunez, Associate Dean, 118 Linton Hall
  • Alana (African-, Latino-, Asian-, or Native-American) Discretionary Funding - The ALANA emergency funds are available for ALANA graduate students for unusual or unforeseen emergency expenses. This funding is only for graduate students pursuing a degree program. Please be aware that ALANA emergency funds are provided on a one-time only basis. ALANA Discretionary Fellowship Forms should be sent to: Office for ALANA Student Affairs, 116 Linton Hall.
  • Graduate Office Fellowship Funds - Approximately $2.1 million in Graduate Office Fellowship (GOF) funds are available through the thirteen colleges with graduate programs. The Associate Dean for Graduate Education of each college decides how these funds are dispersed. A number of different models are used. In the College of Education, these funds are used primarily for recruitment. You can find more information at their website.

Funding Guide

The Funding Guide for Graduate Students, Graduate Professional Students and Postdoctoral Fellows is intended to help identify funding sources, such as grants, fellowships, scholarships and awards and lists a few hundred out of thousands of funding opportunities. Many funding opportunities are on-line or in CD-ROM databases. This guide also explains how to access these resources.

The Grants Database

The Grants Database is a CD-ROM program accessible from computers in the Social Science/Humanities Reference Area of the Main Library (Basement West). This database contains 9,000 funding sources covering all disciplines. A user-friendly search capability allows you to fine-tune your search by keywords and subjects. The Grants Database is updated every two months. Note: The Main Library also receives printed resources of interest and importance to grant seekers. For a listing of journals, books and other publications check the MSU Library Home Page, MAGIC (the on-line library catalog), or visit the Social Science/Humanities Reference Desk.


College of Education Scholarships and Fellowships

Every year the College of Education awards millions of dollars to graduate students through an array of fellowships, scholarships, and graduate teaching and research assistantships. The awards range from small tuition scholarships to multi-year packages that can provide annual benefits in excess of $22,000 plus tuition and medical benefits. Other external sources of financial aid that may be of special interest to its graduate students will be posted on the college Web site as they become available.

The Educational Administration Department offers scholarships funded through endowment income to continuing graduate students. Applications for these awards are submitted in early January, with decisions made in time to invite recipients and advisors to the College of Education annual awards reception in April. Announcements are posted to faculty and students in late Fall, with nomination materials due in 134 EH in January.

There are two types of awards: all-college scholarships and awards restricted by department. The remaining awards are restricted to students in each of the departments, and each department convenes different review committees to make selections.

The Educational Administration Departmental awards eligible for current students are listed below:

  • Richard L. Featherstone Scholarship - Supports semester credits toward the doctoral degree for advanced doctoral students in the Department of Educational Administration. Students must have completed 20 semester credits toward the doctoral degree to apply. Two letters of recommendation from doctoral committee chair, faculty member, and/or professional references (e.g., employer or supervisor) are required. All applicants must meet the criteria listed below.

1. commitment to diversity, equity and excellence
2. professional and personal integrity
3. global focus
4. respect for and commitment to people
5. enthusiasm for teaching and learning
6. belief in and experience with the mentoring process
7. leadership
8. intellectual curiosity
9. scholarship


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