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HALE Welcomes Visiting Fulbright Scholar



Dr. Jussi Kivisto, Visiting Fulbright Scholar from Finland


Dr. Jussi Kivisto (Higher Education Group, University of Tampere, Finland) will be a Visiting Fulbright Scholar with the HALE Program for fall semester 2009. He arrived on July 31 and will stay until November 30, 2009.

Jussi's research project (Fulbright Program's Junior Scholar Grant) aims to explore the role and substance of institutional determinants affecting the success of doctoral programs in U.S. public universities.

Kivisto's Fulbright project seeks to provide answers to the following questions:
Why successful doctoral programs are successful? How universities possessing successful doctoral programs have organizationally supported the development of these programs? Are the programs successful mostly because of the influence and actions of their host institutions? Or, vice versa, are programs successful mostly regardless the influence and actions of their host institutions?

The research project applies multiple case study research design. After completing theoretical phase of the project, Kivisto hopes to select 3 to 5 public universities and their programs for more detailed examination.

During his stay at MSU, Kivisto will work with Jim Fairweather to teach a new master's course on Higher Education Policy (EAD 882). In this regard, Jussi's teaching and advising furthers the exploration of joint working relationships between HALE and the Universities of Tampere and Helsinki, which HALE began discussing with Jussi's colleagues (Seppo Holtta and Timo Aarrevaara) in April of 2009.