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HALE Faculty International Engagement

Among the top-ranked higher administration programs in the U.S., few faculties have more international focus and experience than HALE. The HALE teaching team has long inquired into and been vested in the development of higher education around the globe. The international reach of HALE’s faculty is impressive in both depth and breadth. Below is a taste of HALE’s engagement.

Marilyn Amey, Ph.D.
Marilyn Amey has devoted her recent research to the question of international higher education partnerships. Her research has resulted in a joint publication with P. L. Eddy on Leading Strategic Partnerships (forthcoming, 2012). In addition, Dr. Amey also involved with colleagues in Finland in examining evolving systems of higher education and multidisciplinary collaboration across national borders.

Ann Austin, Ph.D.
Dr. Austin is active in several regions of the world. She co-leads with Dr. Matt Wawrzynski the semi-annual HALE Professional Development Experience in South Africa which this past year took ten HALE students for comparative study and interaction with colleagues in the South African higher education system. She also is currently involved with colleagues from the University of Minnesota in a collaborative study on academic work in the United Arab Emirates, from which two papers will be presented at the upcoming ASHE conference. Dr. Austin recently completed her participation in the “Higher Education in Dynamic Asia” project sponsored by the Asian Development Bank. The project analyzed the higher education issues in this important region of the world. Out of the project Dr. Austin also produced a monograph on “Internal Efficiency in Higher Education in Asia.” In July, she presented the keynote address at the Annual Meeting of the Higher Education and Development Association of Australasia (HERDA), entitled “The Changing Professoriate: On the Edge of Peril or Possibility?” While in Australia, she presented talks at the Australian National University in Canberra, The University of Technology in Sydney; and Southern Cross University.

Roger Baldwin, Ph.D.
Long in demand around the world on the topic of faculty development, Dr. Baldwin has most recently been active in university development in Mali and India. Earlier this year he consulted together with the Azim Premji Foundation in Bangalore, India, on the establishment of a new university to prepare a new generation of educational reformers for India.

Brendan Cantwell, Ph.D.
Brendan Cantwell is actively engaged in international research on faculty transnational mobility and the international student experience in U.S. universities. This past summer he shared some of the results of his research with the Consortium for Higher Education Researchers (CHER) in Reykjavik, Iceland.

James Fairweather, Ph.D.
James Fairweather serves on the board of the Higher Education Ph.D. combined program for the Universities of Helsinki and Tampere, Finland. He has recently been guest lecturer at Peking University and Beijing Normal University, China. As Director for the Center of Higher and Adult Education, he has been an advocate of international student policy experience through the Center internship program.

Reitu Mabokela, Ph.D.
Dr. Mabokela has long been active in African higher education. In her new role as coordinator of the HALE program she will have opportunity to bring her international expertise to the task of promoting effective internationalization within the program. Her current interests and commitments include serving as external examiner for the evaluation of the University of Pretoria (South Africa) as well as serving as a faculty mentor for the University of South Africa (UNISA).

Kris Renn, Ph.D.
Although long acknowledged as one of the world’s leading authorities on student affairs, an expertise that took Dr. Renn to China University of Geoscience, Center for the Study of Higher Education, the Harbin Institute of Technology, Huazhong Agricultural University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and Peking University, China, in 2007, to the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy and Tsuda College, Tokyo, Japan, in 2010, as well as Azim Premji University, Bangalore, India, in 2011, it is her emerging work on women’s colleges worldwide that has recently drawn her attention and is attracting the attention of scholars around the globe. On this subject Dr. Renn has done presentations in Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology, Nairobi, Kenya. in 2009 and Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi, India earlier this year. Dr. Renn is quickly becoming one of the world’s leading scholars on this subject as well. Combined with her international research interests and distinguished writing and publishing career, we can expect to hear a great deal more from Dr. Renn on this subject in the near future.

Riyad Shahjahan, Ph.D.
HALE’s newest faculty member brings with him a wealth of international experience. His recent interests and publications have focused on the role of international organizations in global higher education policy, equity and social justice in higher education, and the role of anti-/post-colonial theory in higher education.

Matt Wawrzynski, Ph.D.
Dr. Wawrzynski has been co-leader, with Dr. Ann Austin, of the HALE Professional Development Experience in South Africa. Every other summer, in conjunction with Nelson Mandela University, this for credit course takes a small group of HALE students to South Africa for study of higher education in an international comparative context. Students are given opportunity to observe, learn, as well as make presentations to colleagues in South Africa on topics of importance to international higher education today.