KAT Papers, Presentations, and Items

Knowledge of Algebra for Teaching: A Framework of knowledge and practices.

McCrory, R., Floden, R., Ferrini-Mundy, J., Reckase, M. D., & Senk, S. L. (2012). Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, 43(5), 584-615.


KAT Interview Protocol


KAT Released items


Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching Algebra:  Validating an Assessment of Teacher Knowledge. Presentation at the AMTE annual meeting, January 2007.


Knowledge of Algebra for Teaching: Framework, Item Development, and Pilot Results. Presentation at NCTM Research Presession, April 25, 2006.


Assessing Pre-Service Secondary School Teachers’ Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching Algebra Presentation at MAA-AMS Join Meeting, January 12, 2006.


A Conceptual Framework for Knowledge for Teaching School Algebra (paper submitted to Educational Studies in Mathematics in November 2005. Please do not quote or cite without author permission) Figure 1 Knowledge for Teaching Algebra Framework


KAT Item Development Matrix. This short paper describes a tool used in item development. The three dimensional matrix specifies two content domains within algebra, three knowledge domains, and four aspects of mathematical knowledge.


ICMI Study Presentation. International Commission on Mathematical Instruction, Study 15: The Professional Education and Development of Teachers of Mathematics. The KAT project conducted an interactive work session at the study conference in May 2005. The paper linked here is the handout we used during the work session.


Presentations at AERA 2005 Symposium. This symposium at the AERA annual meeting in Montreal, April, 2005, presented a summary of our research.   In the symposium, we discussions our framework for studying teacher knowledge and our preliminary investigations of teacher knowledge through interviews and video analysis.   We introduced the framework and illustrated its use and development in three empirical studies of teacher knowledge: an analysis of algebra textbooks, an interview study with practicing teachers, and an analysis of video of algebra teaching.   In the second part of the symposium, we asked attendees to consider items we have developed for assessing teacher knowledge and to participate in item development and analysis using the framework. Papers presented at the symposium are linked for downloading here.


List of references on Mathematics Knowledge for Teaching (by Xuhui Li)



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