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KIN faculty members use the following criteria when judging applicants for admission. Sources of information include transcripts, GRE test report, professional goals statement, resume, letters of recommendation, and writing sample. Students may submit additional materials if desired. Prospective students should make certain that all of these criteria are addressed in their admissions portfolios.

  • Academic excellence – GPA, GRE scores and percentile ranks, reputation of department or program of study pursued, letters of recommendation
  • Goals and their match to the department/program – statement of purpose, breadth and depth of professional/research experience, fit with faculty interests or department strengths, potential to benefit from and contribute to KIN.
  • Leadership potential – academic/professional/community activities or employment, evidence of leadership potential, capacity to make a distinctive professional or scholarly contribution
  • Contribution to a diverse educational community – consider personal history and experience, professional goals, and/or the promotion of understanding among persons of different backgrounds and idea.
  • Record of overcoming obstacles – social, economic, personal

Regular Admission

To be considered for regular admission, applicants must demonstrate:

  • A two-page professional goals statement in which you describe your interest and aptitude in one or more of the concentrations offered in the master's degree program and specify the faculty member(s) that you prefer as your mentor(s). Your response to the personal statement field (Item #22) on the Application for Graduate Study is not sufficient. The Department of Kinesiology requires a separate two-page statement.
  • Completion of an undergraduate degree. KIN does consider applicants who do not have undergraduate degrees in kinesiology; if accepted, those students must complete a breadth requirement as part of their master's degree program plan. The breadth requirement is described in Requirements for the Master of Science Degree in Kinesiology.
  • A cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale.
  • Competitive scores on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).
  • Strong letters of recommendation from persons who can attest to the student's potential for academic success in the master's degree program.

Provisional Admission

A student who does not satisfy the requirements for regular admission may be considered for provisional admission with approval of the Dean. If accepted, the conditions of provisional admission (e.g., academic performance, completion of designated courses) will be specified in the student's letter of acceptance. Provisional status will be removed when the student has successfully fulfilled those conditions.


Interviews are required for applicants to the master's degree concentration in athletic training, and are recommended for other prospective master's degree students. All prospective students are welcome to visit with department faculty and students.