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Kinesiology Degree Requirements

The Kinesiology major is designed for students who plan to work in the fields of fitness leadership, cardiac rehabilitation, pre-physical therapy, pre-medical training, athletic administration, adapted physical activity, or in related fields. The degree requirements and associated courses for the B.S. degree in kinesiology with an exercise science emphasis are specified in the MSU Academic Programs catalog. The components of study include:

  1. MSU Requirements
    • All MSU requirements for the undergraduate degree

  2. Kinesiology Major Requirements
    • Core courses in the kinesiology major

  3. Cognate Requirements
  4. Internship

Furthermore, you may need to complete a First Aid and/or CPR certification depending on what program you are admitted to. American Heart Association courses are taught on campus and can be found by clicking here. Please contact a KIN advisor to determine if you need to take such a course.


Students returning to MSU to complete degrees in Kinesiology or Athletic Training:

In the fall of 2005, the College of Education adopted an admission core requirement for Kinesiology and Athletic Training majors.  This requirement was approved by the university undergraduate curriculum committee and therefore appears in the Academic Programs Catalog.  All students in the department must complete the following courses (or approved substitutions) with a 2.0 grade or higher for admission to the major at 56 credits:

  • MTH 103 (3)           College Algebra
  • CEM 141 (4)           General Chemistry I
  • KIN 216 (3)             Applied Human Anatomy
  • KIN 251 (4)             Principles of Human Movement
  • PSL 250 (4)             Introductory Physiology

Any returning MSU student who started but did not complete the Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology or Athletic Training will be held to current program requirements, including successful completion of the department admission core.

For additional information, please contact an undergraduate academic advisor at 517-353-9680 or