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The Spartan Podcasts


David Arsen talks about K-12 funding issues in Michigan

MSUToday: Lessons in urban education

James Pivarnik
James Pivarnik runs Olympic torch relay.


James Pivarnik talks about being selected to carry the Olympic torch.

"Undergraduate Education Experience" - featuring undergraduate student experiences in our college

Dr. Yong Zhao
Yong Zhao talks about his new book on what's best for American education

Karin Pfeiffer
Karin Pfeiffer discusses her research on measuring and increasing kids’ physical activity.

Yong Zhao and Bill Schmidt
William Schmidt and Yong Zhao debate the merits of national standards.

Trudy Sykes
Trudy Sykes,
secondary team coordinator, talks about the teacher preparation program.

Suzanne Wilson
Suzanne Wilson, chairperson, talks about the strengths of our teacher education programs.

Yong Zhao
Yong Zhao talks about the problems with No Child Left Behind and global competitiveness, arguing for students to follow their passions.

"Learning to Change" - featuring Yong Zhao

William Schmidt
William Schmidt
talks about Minnesota’s impressive increase in TIMSS math scores.


Education Matters

WJR RadioThe College of Education is doing one-minute newscasts with our faculty for a spot called: "Education Matters" in collaboration with WJR radio. These newscasts run prior to the home football games. Please listen to College's latest news and research done by our faculty.


Dan Gould Dan Gould Barbara Markle Barbara Markle

(Newscast 1Newscast 2)
Visit Emerging Leaders Program website

Bill Schmidt Bill Schmidt Yong Zhao Yong Zhao
Sonya Gunnings-Moton Sonya Gunnings-Moton Sharif Shakrani
Joan Ferrini-Mundy Joan Ferrini-Mundy    


Spartan Podcast

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