college of education | fall 2001

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A Reader's Guide
College Web Site a Gateway to Programs & Projects

If there is something you want to know about the College of Education, it’s likely that there is no better place to turn to than its Web site.

In the past several years, the college has transformed its site at  into a portal to everything from detailed information on its various graduate programs to a searchable database of intern profiles and résumés for prospective employers.

 Whatever your interest in the college—be it as an alumnus, current or prospective student, educator, or donor—the place to start in your search for more information is the College of Education Web site.

The site is vast. Each of the college’s four departments maintain their own sites. There is information on undergraduate programs and teacher certification. There are

profiles of all faculty. Units, programs, and initiatives too numerous to list all have a presence on the site.

With so much information readily available, a little help in navigating the site is in order. The following are a few highlights that we hope will allow you to gain a sense of the kind of information available on the Web site. We hope you will visit time and again and explore fully all the information the site has to offer.

Intern Profiles

The database was established two years ago to make the hiring process even more convenient for school districts interested in MSU teacher preparation interns. At the site, you can find brief profiles of the interns, as well as their resumes and portfolios. The database is structured in such a way that employers can peruse graduates by their majors or minors, grade levels they are interested in teaching, or endorsements.

College of Education Alumni Association 

If you are a graduate of one of the college’s programs, the alumni section of the Web site is a must on your online tour. It’s a practical site with a link to an online application form in case you haven’t joined the alumni association yet, and downloadable forms if you wish to nominate an alum for Outstanding Alumni k–12 Administrator, Distinguished Alumni of the Year Award, and Outstanding Alumni k–12 Teacher. There is also a place where you can purchase alumni association memorabilia and clothing.

College of Education Alumni Registry  

A related site to the college’s alumni Web page is the alumni registry. At this site, you can register by providing us your name, address and other information. We will then keep you updated on the college. The site is brand new. Eventually, the site will develop into a database available so you can search for friends and colleagues. However, we would only make public the information you give us permission to make available to others.

Online Master of Arts in Education

The college continues to mine the Internet for its potential in teaching and learning, and one of the newest efforts is the Master of Arts in Education that can be completed entirely through the World Wide Web. At this site, you can find a description of the program and application procedures with a link to the university’s online graduate application form. There is also a listing of course offerings if you wish to enroll in an online course as part of your professional development.

COE Research Centers and Projects 

This site is a jumping off point with links to all of the major research centers and projects housed at the College of Education. Among the various centers include the Third International Mathematics and Science Study (timss), the Education Policy Center at MSU, the Center for the Improvement of Early Reading Achievement (ciera), and the Center for the Study of Youth Sports.

Research Reports and Publications 

If you want to get a sense of the research conducted by college faculty members, this site provides a link to all of the Education Research Reports and Teacher Education Research Reports published since 1997. The reports are brief digests of faculty publications that are mailed to school superintendents, legislators and others on a monthly basis. Other publications listed on the page are the college’s annual reports, this magazine, as well as a number of other documents.

“Learn to Teach” Video

No visit to the College of Education Web site would be complete without clicking on the “Learn to Teach” video. The nine-minute video will give you a perspective on the college’s innovative teacher preparation program from the graduates and students themselves. It also provides some great scenes of campus and the fun and color of college life that makes MSU special.

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