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Randi Stanulis Photo

Randi Stanulis

  Department of Teacher Education
 Ph.D., Michigan State University
 306 Erickson
Randi Stanulis is a professor in the Department of Teacher Education. Her teaching and research interests focus on teacher learning, from the perspective of novices learning to teach, and from experienced teachers learning about their own practice while mentoring others. She has worked with teachers and principals in Lansing, Detroit, Atlanta, Cleveland and Saginaw to develop university-school partnerships that support mentor and beginning teacher learning and development within high-poverty settings. In these schools, she focuses on helping to develop a "culture of talk" where teacher learning is valued and teachers study their practice, specifically how they can increase student voice and critical thinking through discussion-based teaching. Mentor teachers study together in inquiry groups to improve their own practice and to provide an opportunity for professional dialogue. Leading the cross-college Induction Group Team as part the reform initiative, Teachers for a New Era, provided the frame for the way that collaborative induction work is designed. Stanulis also serves as director of the Office of Medical Education Research and Development in the MSU College of Human Medicine.

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