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Interest Groups

GLBT Safe Schools

Visit the GLBT Safe Schools website

We are a group of interns, undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff who are working to promote safe schools for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and questioning (GLBTQ) students, faculty, staff, and families. We have several areas of concern including:

  • Creating a safe environment within the MSU College of Education for all students, faculty, and staff.
  • Educating and supporting MSU undergraduate students and interns so they are prepared to support GLBTQ students, families, and colleagues in the K-12 setting.
  • Supporting MSU undergraduate students and interns who have concerns about addressing their sexual orientation as they enter K-12 classrooms as part of a field placement or beyond.
  • Raising awareness of GLBTQ issues in MSU’s College of Education.

We work to address these concerns through several means: providing speakers and resources, connecting to other GLBTQ organizations at MSU and in K-12 schools, and sponsoring support groups for interns and undergraduate students. We hold biweekly brownbag meetings which are open to anyone who is interested. We are an MSU Registered Student Organization. Contact for more information.

Global Educators Cohort Programs

To meet the challenge of preparing future educators for personal and professional success in the global context of the 21st Century, the College of Education at Michigan State University has launched The Global Educators Cohort Program (GECP). The GECP is a specialized teacher preparation program focused on global and international perspectives. Cohort participants enjoy all the benefits of a nationally ranked teacher preparation program but also have the opportunity to study, socialize, and engage in hands-on, practical learning activities with a small group of fellow students. GECP students enjoy many advantages, such as individualized mentorship by faculty, practicing teachers, and administrators with expertise and experience in global and international education; opportunities to participate in special seminars, undergraduate research opportunities, and special, smaller, faculty-led, course sections designed specifically for members of GECP.

Urban Educators Cohort Program

Visit the Urban Educators Cohort Program website

The Urban Educators Cohort Program is special program for those with an interest in urban education at the elementary or secondary level. The program focuses on preparing future teachers to meet the unique demands of urban education. Likewise, the program addresses the "culturally-responsive" knowledge and skills that teachers must be equipped to teach in an urban setting. Students who are interested in areas of high need such as mathematics, science, English as a second language, and special education at both the elementary and secondary levels are especially encouraged to apply.