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Department Programs and Communities

Service Learning

Learning Through Service

The Department of Teacher Education at MSU values service learning. We see service learning as an opportunity to better understand children, schools, and communities. This type of learning is one important aspect of our teacher preparation program and many courses require students to complete various hours of service learning in diverse environments (e.g., tutoring programs in schools, community refugee center). Not only does service learning give back to the local and state communities that support our teacher education students and program, but it is also a time for students to familiarize themselves with diverse communities around campus. Service learning allows our students to develop the ability to work within and across a range of community and professional contexts.

Service Learning Center

This office on campus, located in the Student Services Building, has lists of volunteer opportunities appropriate for education majors. Volunteer placements are in classrooms with youth groups and with tutoring programs. This is a great way to get experience with learners!

Read to Succeed/MSU Student Literacy Corps:
Contact: Pat Williams
420-1849 or 517-485-4949
Visit 347 Erickson Hall

Read to Succeed program

East Lansing Public Schools
Tutoring grades 9-12

Lansing Public Schools
Tutoring K-12
After School volunteers K-12

The Specialization in Health Promotion

This specialization is designed to assist students in understanding health issues that will serve as a basis for personal and professional growth and positive lifestyle changes. For more information see Jo Hartwell in 134 Erickson Hall.

The Specialization in Coaching

This specialization is designed to provide students with knowledge, skills, and experiences that will enable them to coach effectively and safely in school, community-youth, and adult sports programs. For more information see Jo Hartwell in 134 Erickson Hall.

Refugee Development Center

The greater Lansing area is home to a large population of refugees from all corners of the world. Many of these individuals have suffered grave injustices and lived in places where they had little to no control over their lives. They have lost family, friends, homes and entire communities to greed.