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Final Certifying Examination

The Literacy Leadership course is designed to help you be a leader in the area of literacy. One task often required of literacy leaders is to observe the literacy teaching of a colleague, identify strengths and weaknesses, and make specific recommendations to the colleague about both what she/he is already doing that she/he should continue doing as well as what she/he should work to improve (recommendations that may involve you in ongoing modeling for and coaching of the colleague). Your exit exam for the Masters in Literacy Instruction program (an exit exam is required for all University masters programs) will involve you in doing just this.


Once the final comprehensive paper is completed and evaluated by the three faculty members, if approved the advisor will sign off on the Final Certification form, Program Coordinator will sign off on the Certifying Final Exam Form. These forms are submitted to Student Affairs. When the student has completed all courses as well as the Final Comprehensive paper, she will receive their diploma and unofficial transcript within four weeks of the last day of classes for the semester in which they graduate.

View/Download the Proposed Masters in Literacy Instruction Final Exam Assignment