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Planning Your Program & Advising

Your Advisor

Paul John Kurf, Ph.D.
Office: 301-G Erickson Hall.
Phone: 517-884-1889

Meeting With Your Advisor

Students admitted to the program should plan to meet with your advisor soon after receiving their acceptance letter to the program. Students otherwise unable to come to campus are very welcome to consult via email or phone with their advisor. Additionally, Dr. Kurf welcomes email inquiries about any aspect of the program prior to admission.

Be prepared for meetings with your advisor.   Sending questions via email ahead of your scheduled appointment is frequently helpful. Questions about your application and/or student record should include your MSU student number (PID, e.g., A00-00-0000), particularly since names are often duplicated on the system.  Please also do not hesitate to phone or send another email if you do not get a response in 24-48 hours. 

Advising is generally done by appointment (9:30 – 5:30, M-F).


Questions about admission requirements and/or a pending application to the MALIT may also be directed to Ms. Linda Brandau, Program Secretary (