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The mission of the ISYS is to provide leadership, conduct scientific research and engage in service or outreach that transforms the face of youth sports in ways that maximize the beneficial physical, psychological and social effects of participation for children and youth while minimizing detrimental effects. Major mission objectives that guide our efforts include:
  • Facilitating a paradigmatic shift in the way America judges success in youth sports, placing youth development objectives ahead of winning
  • Eliminating myths and enhancing positive health behaviors in youth sports
  • Leading the nation in ways to develop and advance coaches and youth sports leaders
  • Being America's source of unbiased scientific and best practice evidence on critical youth sports issues

Launched in 1978 after members of the Michigan legislature became concerned about negative and unhealthy practices in youth sports, the ISYS is housed in the Department of Kinesiology, College of Education at the Michigan State University. We combine expertise in Education and Pediatric Sport Science in our efforts to advance knowledge and transform young lives!

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