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Past Projects at ISYS

Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) Needs Assessment

This project is designed to identify the major issues, concerns, and challenges facing high school sports leaders and their athletes today. Particular emphasis is being placed on identifying the educational needs of high school coaches and problems currently facing high school student athletes. In Phase 1 of the project a series of focus group interviews are being held in an effort to map the range of major issues facing key stakeholders in Michigan high school sports today (e.g., high school coaches, principals, athletic directors, parents, and student athletes). Phase 2 will involve a series of surveys administered to statewide samples of major stakeholders in high school sports. Results will be used to: (1) guide curricular development efforts of the MHSAA Coaching Advancement Program; (2) identify the most pressing practical issues on which researchers from the Institute for the Study of Youth Sports should conduct research studies; and (3) add to the body of scientific knowledge relative to promoting positive youth development through educational athletics.

Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) Coaching Development Curriculum Revision

In partnership with the MHSAA, Institute staff are helping to extensively update, package and revise the coaching educational program used to develop Michigan's school sport coaches.

Research in Youth Sports: Critical Issues Status

The Citizenship Through Sport Alliance (CTSA) commissioned the Institute for the Study of Youth Sports at Michigan State University to review the scientific literature on critical issues in youth sports and to write summary white papers on the various topics. These white papers are not intended to be in-depth reviews of the literature in the area. Rather, the charge was to review the literature on selected key issues and identify major findings that could be used to inform CTSA members in forming policies and spearheading projects in this important area. This document is the result of this effort.

The Role of Parents in Junior Tennis Success

In this grant sponsored by the United States Tennis Association junior tennis coaches, professional players and parents of professional tennis players and coaches from throughout the United States have been interviewed and surveyed to determine ways parents both help and hinder the development of tennis players.

An Examination of Hazing Practices in High School Athletics

Current and former high school and youth sports participants have been interviewed and surveyed for the purposes of determining the degree and nature of hazing that may take place in youth athletics.

An Examination of How Beginning High School Coaches Develop

Multiple interviews and observations have been conducted with new high school coaches to determine their coaching practices and how behaviors develop over a season.

A Study of the Effectiveness of Teaching Youth Hockey Players to Play Tough but Clean Hockey

In this study, 4 teenage youth hockey players who have a tendency to play aggressively are taking part in a 12 hour intervention program designed to teach them emotional control skills that will give them strategies on how to "play tough but clean" hockey. This will help reduce the chance of injury by preventing such acts as tripping and slashing which often lead to injury.

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