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Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology & Special Education

Artificial intelligence has a growing presence in K-12 classrooms, but what are the ethical implications of its use?
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Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and Educational Technology

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A Unique & Rich Combination in an Ed Psych and Ed Tech Doctoral Program

The nationally ranked Educational Psychology and Educational Technology (EPET) doctoral program produces scholars and leaders in the study of human learning and development and/or in the development and study of diverse technologies supporting learning and teaching. It emphasizes rigorous scholarship and diverse analytical perspectives on learning, development and technology embedded in culture and society.

The program prepares graduates to pursue careers in university research and teaching, research on and development of educational technologies and leadership roles in school systems and the private sector.


The EPET doctoral program welcomes applicants from a wide variety of disciplinary backgrounds, educational and technological experiences and social, economic and cultural backgrounds.


In addition, our faculty bring a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds, research experiences and traditions and cultural and life experiences to their work—and we actively seek to maintain and expand that diversity.

Our students often pursue and develop expertise in either Educational Psychology or Educational Technology, though many develop expertise at the intersection of these emphasis areas.

Areas of emphasis


Investigate human learning and development in schools, workplaces, communities and homes. Understand and improve educational practice. Program participants can base their analyses in specific domains (e.g., mathematics, literacy and science). Students interested in literacy learning and development or urban education may select to pursue a specialization in language and literacy education or the Urban Education Graduate Certificate.


Learn to understand and improve the use of powerful technologies to support learning and teaching. Students engage in research and development seeking to understand the pedagogy, policy and design of media and technologies in support of learning, nationally and internationally, in formal environments (face-to-face, online classes) and in informal environments (homes, after-school programs).

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The MSU EPET program proved to be a life-changing experience, both personally and professionally…. And it’s due to that synergistic spark, as well as the people with whom I learned with and from during that time, that inspired the vision for my current dream job.



Join a research group

In this video, hear from students and faculty on the benefits of joining a research group—and get an inside look at current scholarly work.

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[This program was the only one I found] that applied rigorous research approaches to real-world problems of practice. What I learned in the EPET program has been invaluable for the work I do teaching adolescents, adults, and in the other online environments that I’ve helped develop.



Certification in College Teaching Program

One of the great opportunities for our students is to be able to participate in MSU’s Certification in College Teaching. Learn more ›


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