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Hybrid Doctoral Program

Hybrid students have the opportunity to blend the richness of being a student at MSU with ongoing opportunities through their current work as educators. Hybrid students live in locations across the United States and around the world, and typically work while also completing their doctoral studies.

Hybrid students are encouraged to avail themselves of one or more opportunities to experience the MSU campus environment, by visiting campus at a time that is most beneficial for the advancement of their program goals. This may include attending part or all of a course in person, participating in research with one’s advisor, or taking advantage of other on-campus activities. Hybrid students engage in classroom, research, and social activities alongside their peers in the On-campus mode, who attend in-person on MSU’s campus. Hybrid students are not eligible for guaranteed funding, though hybrid students may be considered for teaching or research assistantships, as their schedules and available funding allows.  

Hybrid students typically enroll in 1-2 courses (3-6 credit hours) per semester in Fall, Spring, and Summer.   

Sample Year 1 Course Schedule for Hybrid Students 

FallProseminar I (CEP 900) 
Educational Inquiry (CEP 930) 
SpringProseminar II (CEP 901) 
Quantitative Methods I (CEP 932) 
SummerQualitative Methods (CEP 931) 
Cognitive Development (CEP 903) 

Sample Course Syllabi

You can view sample course syllabi. The actual syllabi will vary each time the course is offered.