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About KAT


The Knowledge of Algebra for Teaching (KAT) research project is an interdisciplinary MSU-based research project. The research team is led by faculty with collective expertise in mathematics, mathematics education, research design, psychometric analysis, and secondary school mathematics teaching and curriculum, with the support of research collaborators around the country. KAT has three main objectives:

1. Instrument Design: To develop items and design reliable and valid instruments to measure knowledge in large scale settings for teaching algebra. The instruments will be used with preservice and in-service algebra teachers.

2. Framework Validation: To produce an empirically validated and comprehensive framework for knowledge for teaching algebra.

3. Status Study of Teacher Knowledge: To study the status and variation of knowledge for teaching algebra among preservice and in-service teachers from across the nation.

Intellectual merit of the proposed activity: We will contribute an empirically validated and comprehensive framework for knowledge for teaching algebra at the secondary school level, together with items and assessment instruments to measure this knowledge in large-scale settings. The result will be clarification and description of teacher knowledge in a crucial and problematic area of the K-12 mathematics curriculum.

Broader impacts resulting from proposed activity: The items and assessment tools developed here will be of value for teacher educators, mathematicians who prepare teachers, designers of professional development, and evaluators interested in teacher learning in the area of algebra. Ultimately this work could have substantial impact on the improvement of secondary school algebra teaching and learning.

KAT is supported by grants from the National Science Foundation (Knowing Mathematics for Teaching Algebra, NSF REC 0337595, A Study of Algebra Knowledge for Teaching at the Secondary Level, NSF REC 0106709).



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